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Appraisal of jewelry means estimation of the accurate value of the ornament on a particular date. It is documented stating all the qualitative and quantitative details of the jewelry to come up to a final conclusion. By appraisal you can find the true worth of your item in the current market and not just its price value. You can put your faith in Liberty Custom Goldworks for any kind of your appraisal needs, be it insurance, estate and tax purposes, donations, loans, divorce, legal and so on.

One of the most important reasons for you to get an appraisal done is for the insurance of your jewelry. For example, if the insurance of your jewelry has been done two years back then most probably you need to get it updated and it may be possible that your jewelry is insured for less than its current market value. Hence, you should get your jewelry appraised at least every two years to receive appropriate insurance coverage to avoid any kind of risk of financial loss. Even if you have received a free appraisal from your old jeweler it would be better to get a third party opinion which is unbiased and to be sure of the authenticity. A little effort out in at this stage will ensure that you do not lose out on actual worth of your jewelry.

Here at Liberty Custom Goldworks, we have a list of well trained appraisers who have come with great qualifications to assess the perfect estimate of the worth of your ornaments. Our gemologists use the most scientific methods to obtain absolutely precise value of the jewelry. Your jewelry goes through a complete laboratory testing and only after they are satisfied, a comprehensive appraisal report is made which includes information like a comprehensive picture of the diamonds or the gemstones i.e. their clarity, cut, color, sizes and finish. It will also include mentions of any inclusions found in the gem stones. Besides the details about the stones it also includes the weight as well as the content of the precious metals that make your jewelry. Furthermore, it holds a colored image of your trinkets with the final estimated appraisal value.

When one buys a piece of jewelry one does so in the hope of owning or gifting something precious. Hence, to keep your investments protected you can come to our experts for accurate interpretation of the worth of the jewelry no matter how old it is. For us every time a client comes to us for appraisal we see it as an act of trust that they put in us. Thus, we make sure to fulfill our promises of accurately evaluating your jewelry by delivering not just what we have committed but even more than that.
So if you have any ornament that you feel needs a re- evaluation after so many years so owning it, now is the time. Once you come to us with your precious jewelry, we will take care of it in every way possible!