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Gold and Rhodium (white gold) Plating

We let your love shine bright forever
We at Liberty Custom Goldworks can not only create exquisite designs for you but also, revive the perfection and the glamour of the old symbol of your love. If that family heirloom that you treasure the most or the ring that has forever been held by your heart has started to lose its sheen, do not allow yourself to be disappointed, it’s an absolutely normal process of the layer of rhodium wearing off from the gold jewelry. We provide the best of plating services (rhodium as well as gold) so as to give your piece of jewelry a dazzling and a brilliant luster.

Rhodium plating or ‘Dipping’ is done on both, yellow or white gold to turn it silvery white. It can also be done on silver so as to prevent it from tarnishing. It is one of the best ways to bring out the exuberant sheen of the jewelry. Belonging to the group of platinum, Rhodium is a metal bleached white in colour which does not react with air even in severe weather conditions hence it does not let the metal lose its lure.
We can help you with every kind of jewelry and antiques that you own. The modern method of Rhodium Plating is through electroplating process. The process involves submerging of the jewelry in a heated solution of rhodium based plating and letting electric current run through it. This allows the rhodium to fuse lastingly with the ornament.

As rhodium is the most reflective of all the metals it makes the diamond on it appear to be a lot bigger than its original size. If you are at a distance from the ornament it’s hard to make the assessment of where the diamond meets the metal due to the high reflective property of rhodium, hence it is the most sought after option which is considered to give a new life to the old gold.

However, what most of the people do not think about, is the fact that all the white jewelry, today already comes with a rhodium plating but as the plating is just of a microscopic layer, it wears off after a certain period of time. The longevity of the plating entirely depends on the way the jewelry is being handled and also the type of the jewelry it is. Let us consider a ring and a bracelet, a ring is usually in continuous contact with the skin when compared to a bracelet. Thus, a ring is more prone to lose the plating faster than the bracelet. Yet on an average the plating on a ring can last for a few years even if worn regularly.

We know the real value of your jewelry is more than just the cost of it. Every bit of it is treasured a lot more than it just shows and so we take it as our responsibility to make sure that the piece of your beautiful memory can remain as beautiful forever.