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Micro-Pave diamond replacement

To micro pave the gemstones is a process involving small gemstones or melee being set in several rows over the jewelry in such an intricate manner that it covers the entire surface and it is something which is just not possible without high magnification. Pave and micro pave has been a very popular trend since many years and the basic difference between the two lies in the size of the diamonds which in the case of micro pave are not more than 1.4mm. Also, in regular pave, stones of different sizes can be used to cover the jewelry surface but in micro pave the same is achieved by the use of uniform sized stones creating a beautiful pattern resembling a honeycomb. The pattern is uniform and unbroken, a minimum of two rows are used and if there are changes to be made to increase the width of the jewelry it is done by adding more rows of stones and not by changing the pattern or setting of the existing rows.

This entire process has to be done with such symmetry, precision and perfection that it is not possible for a newbie to perform this task. So, this is where we come in and take the charge of giving you the true value for your money. The pattern of jewelry with micro pave generates a 3D effect if executed perfectly, similar to that of a piece of velvet. This process allows the stone to appear more illuminated and delicate by hiding the metal beads which holds the stones together.

Here the importance of an expert setter cannot be ignored. Someone who does not use a good microscope will not be able to give you a perfect result and we do not take such chances with our precious customers. Also, a piece of stone which has not been properly cut would also fail to give desired results but this can never happen at Liberty Custom Goldworks. We use the best quality of stones for micro pave and it involves a very high cost of labor as there are very few setters who are capable enough to perform this task and we are one of a kind when it comes to producing the most exquisitely delicate but yet durable piece of jewelry.

Unlike us very few retailers would want you to know that when it comes to stones used micro pave a ‘single cut’ produces far more better results that a ‘full cut’. Many times they are ignorant of this fact themselves. There are so many issues to be dealt with micro pave, like proportionate size of beads to the size of stone, perfect balance of pressure to be applied during the process and also ultimately making sure that the jewelry is durable enough and we being a specialist in the field of customized jewelry designing deal with all of such difficulties with flawlessness that no other can accomplish.

So you can rest assured that we would craft each and every piece of jewelry in such a way that you would want to own it forever!