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Our Specialty

The selling of jewellery over the last few years has become ultra competitive and depending on what you are looking for almost confusing.  This is more evident when purchasing diamonds and fine jewellery.

The internet is taking over as the leading seller of diamonds, followed next by the box store discounters and vender  financed retailers you will find is every shopping mall.  One thing you may find is that these places offer limited or no service at all once they make the sale.  You may also find that other retailers of fine jewellery are reluctant to provide any form of services on your jewellery because you never purchased it from them.  A kind way of saying we are not interested in offering service is to say it could take up to a month or two to complete, even with estimates.

We are professional master bench jewellers; we build, fix and restore jewellery for our living.  Everything from ultra complex to the simplest of procedures, you will be hard pressed to find better for your servicing needs.

Our Services

  • We size rings.
  • Replace old and worn down shanks.
  • Restore tips and prongs on stone settings.
  • Replace bezels on gem stones, diamonds, coin frames
  • Can replace missing diamonds, precious and semi precious gem stones.
  • Restore your treasured jewellery to its former glory.
  • Chain repair / clasp replacement.
  • Fashion Jewellery repair.
  • Eye Glass Repair.
  • Rhodium and Gold Plating.
  • Engraving
  • Texture and Pattern Replacement.
  • Cleaning & Polishing.
  • Custom Manufacturing.
  • We Work with yellow, white, pink golds in 10kt , 14kt , 18kt, 19kt
  • Platinum and Silver
  • We can have your articles appraised for there value and also do pearl and bead stringing.