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Do you own a piece of jewelry that you love but have been unable to wear because it’s broken? Do you have a family heirloom that has been passed on to you, which once belonged to your great grandmother and has been resting in your jewelry box for years because either it has gone out of fashion or is too worn out to be worn?

Now here is your chance to revive that precious little piece and flaunt it in style. Jewelry remounting is a simple way of preserving your old jewelry or redesigning as per your wishes. In case of an antique piece of jewelry it may happen that the band becomes too weak to hold the gemstones and thus jewelry remounting can help you conserve the memory that is held within that ornament. Liberty Custom Goldworks is always willing to take the responsibility of repairing, updating and preserving the pieces that hold so much of sentimental values to our customers.

Remount setting is done in a number of ways like the traditional prong settings which is the most popular mounting method for engagement rings. It involves metal claws extending from the base of the ring to hold the diamond. Then there is ‘invisible setting’ in which there are no visible metal bars holding the diamond. Bezel setting includes a metal band wrapping around the diamond to keep it in place. Many diamonds and gemstones can be set in a desired pattern with the help of ‘Cluster setting’. ‘Channel setting’ holds the gemstone by inserting it in a channel in the band and finally ‘Flush setting’ sets the gemstone in a hole merging with the rest of the band.

Remounting the gemstones is not as easy as it sounds. For a task as intricate as this you will always need a jeweler who specializes in it and none can perform this task of yours like we do. Some gemstones are very fragile and can shatter like a piece of glass if not handled carefully. Handing over an old piece of jewelry to someone is like handing over a piece of your heart and we understand that well. The size, shape and the condition of your gemstone determines what kind of remount setting can be done and as our experts are always there to provide you with the best of the options you can easily plan a safe restoration of your charms.

Gemstones hold a very personal and intimate value for the owner which wrap around themselves some of the most beautiful moments of life. To leave such priceless beauties lying in a dark corner of the closet is like locking the most enchanting and mesmerizing experiences of your being. They deserve to be cherished, shared, valued, wanted and remembered. And with us you can leave all your worries behind, as we will take care of your precious possessions like it was our own and we will hand you back your antiques like they were never worn!