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Your Gold – Our Mould

So much of jewelry comes to us in the form of gifts from our loved ones. There are rings, bands, chains and brooches that have been passed on to us from our family. Such inherited charms hold so much of sentimental value that parting with them can never even be thought of. But with the passage of time chains can break, rings can become smaller and the old brooches can lose their style quotient leading them to stay put in your jewelry box or a safety deposit box. These can end up lying there for ages as even though you don’t wear it you would still not be willing let it go because it’s too precious to be lost. But, there is a way for you to be able to revive the grandeur of this old but precious piece of metal by redesigning and reforming it into something you can flaunt.

Now, reusing old metal to form a new piece of jewelry is not an as easy task as it seems but still it’s not like it’s set in stone. So, take a step forward and bring to us all your unused jewelry to recycle and bring it back to life. Discuss with or expert designer what you want to be done with your gold so that we can customize exactly what you wish for. We would calculate the monetary worth, gold quality and the weight of your gold and as per your requirement we will let you know the final value of your desired design. Finally, we can melt the ornament so as to form a new design to let you cherish the warmth of old bonds.

Why let that jewelry lay useless for so long that no one even remembers who it belonged to? By refashioning your jewelry into something new and letting yourself wear it you will be paying it a tribute which it actually deserves. Again, refashioning a piece of old gold is a difficult and intricate job. For attaining the final result the old jewelry must first be converted into wire or sheets and then processed into its new form, hence is extremely labor intensive. There are many designers who offer to do this job for you but none can compare to the accuracy and perfection that we do it with. It is only at Liberty Custom Goldworks that you can get a personal touch and expert advice at the same place.

A jewelry that has been inherited by you and has been in your family from generations carries a meaning in itself. It is a symbol of tradition, honor and heritage and we are proud to be able to help our clients in restoring the legacy of their families. So open that heritage jewelry box, take out all those unused pieces of jewelry and bring it to us. We will redesign it and give it back to you to cherish forever!